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Earliest known photo of Fowler's Taffy
Earliest known photo of Fowler’s Taffy


Fowler’s Taffy was founded by George Fowler, Sr in 1917. The family originally was from England and moved to Canada and the United States after the Industrial Revolution. George’s Father,  Claude and Uncle Joseph were both in the Retail Chocolate business in Buffalo, NY which started in 1910 and is still operating today. George Sr. who worked for Hall’s Suckers in Crystal Beach Canada was no stranger to candy making and decided to try a new venture that involved making taffy and candy apples at local fairs. Throughout the next few years, George set up taffy stands at local fairs and carnival venues throughout the states of New York and Pennsylvania.

George Sr. aimed to preserve the traditional concept of making Taffy with no machines, just a hook and scissors. Taffy pulling itself was very visual and watching the art of hand pulling the taffy in stand was entertaining for customers. After gaining some experience, George decided to expand his business with candy apples. After some experimentation, George decided on using cinnamon flavored candy which complimented taste of the apple. George’s father Claude saw George’s success and decided to leave the chocolate business and join his son’s new business venture.

Since Claude joined the business, Fowler’s Taffy is now in it’s fifth generation and family members continue to make fresh taffy, cinnamon candy apples along with many other offerings to this day. Fowler’s Taffy has been featured in various media many times throughout the years including local newspapers, food blogs, radio and television. Thousands of people love to come to the fair each and every year to see taffy being made in its traditional way.

Many family members including George Sr. moved to Sarasota, FL in the late 1940’s and continue to travel north every summer to carnivals, fairs and other local venues. George Sr. retired in his 40’s, passed down the business to the next generation and passed away in 1985. Through his legacy, Fowler’s Taffy has been a family tradition in the Northeast for over 98 years.

Each Fowler’s Taffy stand and/or website, including this site, is independently owned and operated by it’s own individual family member. When you see a Fowler’s Taffy stand be sure to ask who the Fowler is making your delicious taffy.